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Adding Funds to your WatCard

The WatCard acts like a Debit Card that you can add money to for use at various locations on the University campus and in the Waterloo community.

WHO can put money on their card?
Anyone with a WatCard is encouraged to deposit money into their account. Students, Staff and Faculty may use their WatCard for purchases both on and off of the University campus. While all students are encouraged to add money to their cards, those living in the Ron Eydt Village or Village I MUST purchase a Meal Plan that will be added to their card.

WHERE can I use my WatCard money?
The WatCard is accepted at all Food Services locations on campus and at several flexible locations both on and off campus.

WHY should I put money on my WatCard?
You receive an automatic 5% discount on most food purchases at Food Services outlets when you use your WatCard. For extended discount plans available for students living both on and off campus, see the following link (residence, off campus). There is also a 33% discount when you use your flexible dollars for photocopying on campus.

WHEN can I use my WatCard?
You can use your WatCard at the various locations when there is money on it to spend. Please remember, this is not a Credit card, unless, as a Staff or Faculty member, your card has been set up to accept credit (call the WatCard office at x32751 for more information). Students are entitled to use this as a Debit card only and there will be a $10.00 NSF fee for any transactions made with Non Sufficient Funds.

HOW do I put money on my WatCard?
You may add value to your WatCard online or at any Food Services location, the Turnkey Desk, the Bookstore, the Dana Porter, Davis, and Musagetes Library circulation desks, and of course, at the WatCard office. Food Services and the Turnkey Desk locations accept a minimum deposit of $10.00 by cash. For added convenience, the WatCard Office also accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit Card for deposits.

HOW do I put money on my WatCard when everything is CLOSED?
You can add funds to your WatCard online anytime - day or night. Also, the Turnkey Desk in the Student Life Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may add value to your WatCard anytime - day or night. You may also make purchases with your Flexible dollars at the Turnkey desk.

If you have any questions about adding value to your WatCard, please contact the WatCard Office at x32751.

If you have any questions concerning the Residence Meal Plans, please contact the Food Services Office at x38104.